Baseline Digital Smedley Spring Hand Dynamometer


This digital spring hand dynamometer clearly displays grip strength and accommodates users with any size hand.
The Baseline Digital Smedley Spring Dynamometer provides an easy-to-read display of the grip strength measurement. The dynamometer saves readings and stores results for up to 19 users. The dynamometer features an adjustable handle to allow testing on any hand size. The unit is calibrated in both pounds and kilograms. A protective case is included to protect the dynamometer during Read More

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Dynamometers help healthcare professionals measure and evaluate their patient’s grip strength. Loss of grip strength provides insight to doctors of injuries or conditions of the hand and forearm. Dynamometers are used to diagnose and track conditions such as tendon injuries in the hand, nerve injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuromuscular disorders, and more.

The Digital Smedley Spring Dynamometer increases the efficiency of collecting measurements. The unit saves and stores results for up to 19 people for easy retrieval and accurate record keeping. The unit has a 200-pound capacity and assesses results that are recorded according to age and gender. The 5 preset grip sizes provide an easy transition between patients. The adjustable handle also ensures that the patient has a comfortable and secure grip for accurate testing.

The unit is calibrated in both pounds and kilograms to easily record measurements in imperial or metric.
The protective case protects the dynamometer from scratches, debris, or shock while it is being transported or stored.


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