Blood Grouping Reagent for Sysmex Abx Diatron

STAC is a leading manufacturer for Hematology Reagent and Hematology Analyzer.

Hematology Reagents Products line:

1, Sysmex F-820, KX-21/21N, Poch-100i/80i, K-1000/4500,XT-1800i/2000i/4000i,

XE-2100/5000, SF-3000, XS-500i/800i/1000i
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Quick Information

Brand Name:STAC

Place of Origin:China

Model Number :blood grouping reagents


Medical Diagnostic Reagent

STAC is a clinic medical diagnostics instruments and reagents consumables manufacturer and trusted by hospital lab and regional distributors in the global scale,
STAC’s products have passed ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CMC Certificate, CMD Certificate and CE Mark. We can provide satisfactory after-sale service to our customers.

Reagents for KX-21/pocH-100i/80i

Catalog Code Description Specification


030301 STACLYSER-SYS-WH 500mlx3

030002 STACLEANER-SYS-K 50ml

We provide hematology reagents for various brand analyzers.


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