BLT P500 Automatic Syringe Driver

Technical Specifications

Screw transmission pumping mechanism
Syringe delivery rate is variable
2% injection accuracy


1 Single Use 30mL Syringe

Power Cord

Internal Rechargeable Battery

Syringe Delivery Rate

0.1 ~ 99.9mL/h (0.1mL/h steps)
100 ~ 1300mL/h (1mL/h steps)
0.1 ~ 400mL/h for 10mL syringes
0.1 ~ 600mL/h for 20mL syringes
0.1 ~ 800mL/h for 30mL syringes
0.1 ~ 1300mL/h for 50mL syringes

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Product Features

Biolight P500 Veterinary Automatic Syringing Machine is a high-quality injection pump. The flow rate can be set in 0.1ml/h increments for added accuracy. Has a low running noise, and three working modes. A nice feature of the P500 is the built-in syringe data for 10 brands, plus two of your adding.

Anti-Bolus Function
Displays critical data simultaneously
KVO automatic mode
Input dat by keyboard or shuttle key


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