Healforce Anaeston 5000 Anaesthia Machine

Product Features

Anaeston 5000 anesthesia machine has integrated all major ventilation modes such as assist, control and assist-control ventilation. It offers comprehensive monitoring and has a clear display interface, to help perform high quality anesthesia delivery and management.

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Anaeston 5000 anesthesia machine offers a high-precision output as low as 20ml.
It has automatic tidal volume and compliance compensation.
The anesthesia machine offers spontaneous and manual respiratory MV monitoring function.
It has electronic PEEP function.
The anesthesia delivery workstation uses autoclavable and latex free components.
Users can benefit from the tool-free maintenance and cleaning of this equipment.
The anesthesia machine is CE compliant, so clients can feel secure in purchasing it.

The anesthesia machine is suitable for inhalational anesthesia delivery for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

Specifications of Anaeston 5000 Anesthesia Machine


Anaeston 5000L


810x860x1360 mm (WxDxH )


110 kg

Anesthetic type

Halothane, Enflurane , Isoflurane , Sevoflurane , Desflurane

Gas supply

O2+N2O, or O2+N2O+Air

Input pressure

280~650 kpa (350~400kpa is recommended)

Standard vent. mode


Display screen

12.1″ color

Value display (Set and measured)

Tidal volume, minute volume, respiratory rate, I:E ratio, pressure limit
Airway pressure (Ppeak , Pmean , Pmax , Pplateau , PEEP)
FiO2%, Compliance (ml/cmH2O)
Pressure support level, Inspiratory Window, P-trigger, Inspiratory End
EtCO2 and InCO2 (optional)
CSI, BS%, SQI%, EMG% (Optional)

Graphic display

P-T, F-T, V-T waveforms
P-V, P-F, F-V loops (for compliance, resistance , leakage analysis)
EtCO2 waveforms (when optional EtCO2 module is present)
CSI, BS%, SQI, EMG waveforms (when optional CSM is present)

Optional expansion

Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet(ACGO)
Auxiliary O2 Gas Outlet
Suction System
Anesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS)
EtCO2 (mainstream/sidestream ) module
CSM module (anesthetic depth and trend)
Anesthetic information management system
External patient monitor
Other equipment


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