Juzo Pro Lumbal Art. 1633


JuzoPro Lumbal Xtec provides relief by means of a sacrum pad and compression.
This lumbal orthosis is especially versatile and offers a muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effect for most complaints in the lumbar spine area (low back pain). It counteracts persistent (chronic) or acute pain in the lumbar area through the combined effect of a sacrum pad and the special fabric.
The sacrum pad
is an anatomically-shaped pad that protects the lower lumbar region and slightly restricts movement. Read More

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JuzoPro Lumbal Xtec back orthosis – relieves strain with sacrum pad and compression. The lumbar orthosis is particularly versatile and can relieve and relieve pain in most complaints in the lumbar region (lumbar pain). She counteracts persistent (chronic) or acute pain in the lumbar area by combining a sacrum pad with a special knitted fabric. The sacrum pad is an anatomically shaped cushion that is gentle on the lower lumbar area and limits movement easily. In order to loosen up tension in the muscles and adhesions in the tendons, the pad is covered with friction knobs. They promote blood circulation and have a massage-like effect. A Velcro fastener enables the exact positioning of the pad, which can also be removed if necessary. It is also provided with a removable and washable hygiene cover. Particularly strong knit The lumbar consists of a special, firm knitted fabric that supports and relieves the strain. Integrated thin rods stabilize the knitted fabric. A straight and tailored shape is available for various figure and waist types. characteristics Straight and waisted shape of the orthosis for different figure and waist types The orthosis is easy to close using finger pockets Individually positionable and removable sacrum pad Breathable and washable pad cover for even more comfort Optimal fit Four integrated rods to reinforce the knitted fabric Indications Persistent pain in the lumbar area (chronic low back pain/ligaments) Decline in posture (myostatin, muscular insufficiency) Slight joint wear (osteochondrosis/spondylosis/spondylarthrosis) Pain syndrome after surgical removal of intervertebral disc tissue (post-discotomy syndrome) Release of the cohesion of two vertebrae (spondylolysis) Retreating vertebral sliding (degenerative spondylolisthesis) Slight malformation in the lumbar area (lumbar deformity) Irritation of the small vertebral joints (ISG syndrome)

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Anthracite(charcoal), beige


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