KT88-3200 32 Channels Digital EEG System

1.Multifunctional flashlight of USB interface, and frequency can be controlled manually or automatically.

2.The perfect medical records management, convenient for data investigation, looking up patient case and modifying his (or her ) information.

3.Report with incorporating pictures and text, user could not only select report mode and edit it but also select the information to print out.

4.Digital synchronic system for video monitoring, recording and replaying. Video system of EEG graph. Long-distance transmission of medical records.

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1. Method of 10/20 electrodes placement under international standard system, can change leads ways while replaying, and set electrode connection mode at will.

2. Powerful replaying function: support consecutive and rolling replaying models, adjustable amplitude and replaying speed. Special vertical time line, which marks the collecting time, divides the waveform in one second into 5 parts and convenient for doctor to analyze the waveform.

3. Multifunctional digital filter system, and provides many filtering methods.

4. Analyze and distill manifold parameters automatically. Choose and analyze many segments of wave at the same time.

5. Paritial amplificatory window ,more accurate measurement of the wave and the measure results can be adjusted manual.

6. Several models of BEAM can be displayed in the same screen with brainwave, such as three-dimensional rotary of BEAM, power spectrum graph, numerical BEAM, compressed spectrum graph and other graths.

7. Professional isolation transformer, dual power supply isolation system and optoelectronic data transmission to ensure security. Use USB interface to transmit data which just need to be inserted. Distance of digital signal transmission is up to a maximum of 30 meters. Patients and doctors can be operated in different rooms and monitoring system is optional.


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