Orthosoft Thomas Cervical Splint


The most common cause of pain in the neck is a disease called the cervical disc disease. In this disease, the neck starts to feel stiff. Cervical degeneration can occur because of old age; however, the most common causes of the disease are injury or trauma. As a result, moving the neck becomes extremely painful and in some cases, it can even lead to paralysis.
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Orthosoft Thomas Cervical Collar has a two-piece construction which makes it easier to adjust the height of the collar from three and a half inches to a maximum of four and a half inches. The Thomas type collar has a translucent, yet a ventilated plastic body which has been covered with vinyl padding at the top edges and the bottom edges. The closure of the Thomas Type Collar is by overlapping the hook and pile contact which is quite easy.
The Thomas Type Collar is a comfortable cervical support which limits the movement of the neck which consequently reduces the amount of pain you feel. With the movement of your head and neck limited, the healing process speeds up and you will feel better in just a short time!
Sized according to brace length.

Sizes: cm
XS (17-35)
S (35-40)
M (38-43)
L (43-48)
XL (47-52)


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