Prontosan Wundspuelloesung 350 ml Flasche

Prontosan® Irrigation Solution
The solution for acute, chronic and burn wounds

Description Prontosan® contains betaine and polihexanide. Betaine reduces the environmental surface tension of the biofilm which results in a maceration of the biofilm and finally allows a better penetration into it. The mechanism of action can basically be compared with a dishwashing detergent. Polihexanide is an antimicrobial agent with broad spectrum biocidal activity. The mode of action Read More

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Prontosan Wundspuelloesung 350 ml Flasche


Ready to use
Easy and simple to use
Direct application from the practical squeeze bottle
Well-known substances with low allergenic potential
Can be warmed up to body temperature
Can be used on sensitive or irritated skin
No risk of further contamination of wounds
Can be used in combination with standard and advanced wound dressings


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