Sonoscape HD-500 Video Endoscopy System

HD-500 Video Processor Specifications:


• VIST multispectral imaging mode – an expert mode that uses certain wavelengths of incident and reflected light, allows for the detection of cancerous tumors with a high level of confidence, at an early stage

• Programming of 4 buttons on the endoscope handle

• Digital image magnification – 3 levels, up to 4 times

• Full screen image mode

• CHb mode – color mapping of hemoglobin concentration

• Modes of structural image detail – Read More

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Integrated Digital Workstation:
• Built-in 500 GB hard drive for storing images, videos, reports, patient data • USB ports for connecting external drives and printers

• Keyboard and mouse for entering patient data and controlling system functions

• Entering and saving patient data, searching for stored data

• Saving images / videos to the hard drive with the output to the screen under the main image in preview mode

Xenon Light Source HDL-500X

• The main lamp – xenon, 5900K, 300 W, service life up to 500 hours

• Replacement lamp – halogen


• Electric pump, 3 power levels

• Water jet – a stream of water supplied through an additional channel of the endoscope (this channel is also used to inject drugs), washes problem areas of the mucosa and greatly simplifies the examination (requires the use of an additional pump)

• Automatic and manual light intensity adjustment

• Function of short-term emergency increase in brightness for determining the location of the endoscope in difficult or emergency cases

• Hour indicator on the front panel of the illuminator

High Definition Medical Monitor

• Diagonal – 24 inches

Endoscopic trolley

• Adjustable monitor holder

• 4 shelves (2 – height adjustable)

• 2 arms for endoscopes

Video endoscopes:
Video gastroscope EG-500, input length 1050 mm, diameter of the bending part 9.3 mm, working channel 2.8 mm, viewing angle 140 °

Video colonoscope EC-500T, input length 1700 mm, diameter of the bending part 12.5 mm, working channel 3.8 mm, viewing angle 140 °


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