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    M800 Handheld Pulse Oximeter


    M800 Hand-held Monitor

    ■2.4” OLED display, high resolution: 320×240 pixels.
    •Gravity sensor automatically change the direction of display.
    •Visual and sound alarms.
    •IPX1 water resistance.
    •Convenient AA size alkaline or rechargeable lithium batteries.
    •3AA batteries provide 16 hours of continuous operation.
    •Max 60000 groups short trend data can be stored and reviewed.
    •Infrared Communication with computer.

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    M70B Compact Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


    Dual color OLED screen displays Sp02,PR,waveform and puise bar
    USB transmission and monitoring data review system for data analysis
    90 hours monitoring data storage (time interval :10s)
    short press power button Can easily change direction of display
    Accurate measurement of Sp02&pulse rate with anti-motion technology
    Résistance to surrounding light and interference of man-made light
    Measurement at low perfusion

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    KT88-3200 32 Channels Digital EEG System

    1.Multifunctional flashlight of USB interface, and frequency can be controlled manually or automatically.

    2.The perfect medical records management, convenient for data investigation, looking up patient case and modifying his (or her ) information.

    3.Report with incorporating pictures and text, user could not only select report mode and edit it but also select the information to print out.

    4.Digital synchronic system for video monitoring, recording and replaying. Video system of EEG graph. Long-distance transmission of medical records.

    5. Option Read More

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    Electrocardiograph Thermal Paper Roll

    Product Description

    Available in different sizes:

    50 mm x 20 mtrs
    50 mm x 30 mtrs
    60 mm x 15 mtrs
    60 mm x 20 mtrs
    80 mm x 20 mtrs
    120 mm x 20 mtrs
    210 mm x 20 mtrs
    215 mm x 20 mtrs

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    E-80 12 Channels 12 Inches Display Electrocardiograph With Heart Rate


    E80 has a HR range from 30bpm to 350bpm and HR precision with ±1bpm. It is measure and diagnosis of ECG Waveform. The Voltage transfer ≤1V and it energy reduced ≤10%. Recovering time for defibrillator electrode polarization ≤10 s and eecovering time for defibrillator proof ≤5 s.

    It has defibrillator proof at 5000V 360J. Time for baseline recovered later switching leads ≤1s and time for response to wave displaying ≤5s. It provide CMRR at ≥109 Read More

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    E70 12-Channel Electrocardiograph / Digital / With Display


    The electrocardiograph is capable of storing 100 groups of ECG data in xml format at automatic background storing mode with an optional memory storage of SD card or U disk. Data records as thermal dot array with horizontal and vertical resolution of 40 dots/mm, 8 dots/mm, recording speed of 5 mm/s,6.25 mm/s,10 mm/s,12.5 mm/s,25 mm/s,50 mm/s with ±3% error and ≤0.5mm/30M recording linearity.

    The reel thermo and sensitive thermo sensitive printing paper enables data printing Read More

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    4.3 ” color touch screen.
    Data sampling of high resolution and high rate.
    Innovative digital filter.
    Innovative fast baseline correction algorithm (1-3s).
    Data storage of high resolution.
    Realtime print with a paper width of 80mm (3.15in).
    12 leads ECG signal simultaneously acquisition.
    Automatic ECG analysis system (Certificated by CSE).

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    Cardiostart Bi-phasic External Defibrillator Monitor With ECG and Printer

    Product Description

    Perfect match for trolleys and MICU’S

    Shock resistant and anti-flame

    Display Resolution High Resolution Color LCD

    Weight 9.48 lbs /4.3 Kg



    SpO2/EtcO2/IBP/CO Upgradeable

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    Semi-automatic AED Defibrillator

    Product Features

    ECG Tracing in LCD display
    Messages and command through text and voice
    Rechargeable lithium battery
    If there is no charge in the internal battery, the AED is recharged and it runs connected to the external battery 12 VDC mobile ICU.
    Set of Disposable pads (self-adhesive, disposable, available in adult, pediatric and neonatal size)
    ONLY 1.9 Kg /4.2 lbs

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