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    Metal parts coated with zinc phosphate and varnished with electrostatic epoxy polyester powder
    DC motors protected from over current and that need no lubrication
    High strength hinges made of composite materials
    Minimum IPX4 protection
    Castors capable of turning 360°
    Electronic adjustments of backrest, height-up&down, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg positions by using Remote Control Unit
    Remote control Unit
    Equipped with powerfull column motors
    Gynecological leg supports
    Removale footboard made of ABS plastic
    ABS Read More

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    Electrical adjustment of backrest and height
    Pendant, hand control
    Mechanic backrest CPC
    Electronic CPR
    Trandelenburg and reverse Trandelenburg achieved by gas springs
    Three-piece backrest part made of HPL and seat and foot parts are made of ABS plastic
    Removable Head/Foot panels and side rails are made of polypropylene
    360o turning central locking casters(150mm)
    Corner bumpers
    Urine bag holders
    Inserts for accessories

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    More Features

    Metal parts coated with zinc phosphate and varnished with electrostatic epoxy polyester powder
    Easily cleanable, three-piece compact laminate lying surface.
    X-Ray permeable lying surface
    Headboard and footboard made of mono-block PP materials
    Side rails made of mono-block PP materials
    IV pole inserts and protective bumpers on the two corners of headboard
    IV pole and drainage hook
    DC motors protected from over current and that need no lubrication
    High strength hinges made of composite Read More

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    Meling 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-88L

    4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-88L

    Scope of Application
    The blood refrigerator suitable for storage of whole blood, blood platelets, red blood cells, biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc.; Suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, research institutions, disease prevention & control centers, etc.

    •Precise temperature control

    •High-efficiency refrigeration

    •Safeguarding security of blood

    •Human-oriented design

    •Anti-condensation heating door


    Freon-free refrigerant and brand compressor can ensure fast refrigeration and environmentally friendly
    The door has anti-condensation heating function, which is convenient for operation in an environment Read More

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    SONICAID TEAM 3 I Twin FETAL Monitor With Printer

    High performance fetal/maternal monitoring – Intrapartum

    Stylishly designed not to dominate the bedside, Team 3 offers accurate & clear visual status of the fetus and mother. The range is full of features to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring.

    Easy to use and intuitive via the icon driven touchscreen, the fetal heart rate can be displayed as “Big numbers” which autoscale for single, twins or triplet monitoring for optimum visibility.

    • Triplet capable ultrasound monitoring
    • Dual Read More

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    F30 Twin Fetal Monitor / With Maternal Monitoring


    Fetal Heart Rate (FHR), Uterus constriction (TOCO),
    Fetal Movement (FM).
    7 inches high resolution (800×480)LCD display.
    Programmable alarm on probe off- position and
    abnormal FHR.
    Built-in 152mm thermal printer with adjustable
    tracing speed.
    TWIN monitoring function (optional).

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    Powerful function, stable performance

    Can display the waveform & data of FHR, TOCO. FM, FM mark. Clinic event mark, Time, Alarm, etc. on one screen.
    Be available to monitor FHR, TOCO, FM, as well as the ECG, RR, PR, Sp02, NIBP and Temp of pregnant woman.
    Support TWIN monitoring function (optional).
    Special FHR (120-160bpm) mark function in normal range.
    Support Manual FM / Auto FM recording function.
    Support Auto-monitoring mode which can be set personalized parameters by users.
    Support data-auto-storage & Read More

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    Double Bottle Sunction Machine Medical and Surgery

    Product Specification

    Operation Mode Automatic, Semi-Automatic
    Application Medical , Surgery, Dental
    Features Portable, High Vacuum
    Number of Wheels 4
    Warranty 1YEAR STANDERD
    Condition New

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    Healforce YXK 2000G Incubator

    Product Features

    Healforce designed the YXK-2000G unit with advanced thermoregulation system for neonate patient for best care, and the servo-controlled humidifier supply the comfortable air inside of incubator with air low velocity. The proportional control provide the patients’ humidity air need when and where. The versatile design of double wall prevents the evaporative heat loss common in seal surroundings gets adequately cared.

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    Healforce Anaeston 5000 Anaesthia Machine

    Product Features

    Anaeston 5000 anesthesia machine has integrated all major ventilation modes such as assist, control and assist-control ventilation. It offers comprehensive monitoring and has a clear display interface, to help perform high quality anesthesia delivery and management.

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    Mindray BeneVision N1 Patient Monitor

    Benevision N1 Patient Monitor

    In compliance with out-of-hospital patient transport standards such as EN1789, EN13718-1, IEC60601-1-12 and U.S. military standards, N1 is a highly competent solution for various out-of-hospital transport settings both on land and in air. The N1’s exceptional reliability and strong performance enhance your confidence to provide seamless patient care during transport no matter intra or out of hospital.

    N1 as a Transport Monitor

    Enhanced data analysis greatly improves parameters’ accuracy and anti-interference ability. Its Read More

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    Q3 Neonatal Monitor

    Product Features

    Multi-channel waveform display
    Portable operation, multi-pronged approach
    Full-screen touch, fingertip operation, one step in place
    Fast button backlit design for easy night operation
    Ergonomic knob operation, classic and flexible
    Light and portable, plug-in flexible
    Two expansion slots for easy upgrades
    Flexible combination, resource sharing
    Module sharing, cost savings
    Multiple alarm tips

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    Fisher and Paykel Bubble CPAP System.

    Product Features

    The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Bubble CPAP generator is designed to provide consistent pressure through an auto-leveling feature. This design moves excess liquid into a separate chamber from the main pressure-generating section, automatically ensuring that the set pressure does not change with liquid build-up.

    The bubble generator includes an overflow container that can be detached to remove excess water from the system, without disrupting delivery therapy.

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    Siare Sirio S2/T MRI Ventilator

    Emergency ventilator (MRI compatible)

    The new ventilator model Sirio S2/T MRI has been conceived for the lung ventilation of adults, children and newborns having a weight of > 3 Kg and it’s compatible for use in magnetic resonance rooms from 1,5 and 3 Tesla.

    The high standard technology combined with simple and intuitive settings, makes this ventilator a very easy to use and reliable equipment. The new ventilator model Sirio S2/T RMI integrates the spirometry and Read More

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    Siare Siaretron 4000 ICU Intensive Care Ventilator

    Product Description

    Siaretron 4000 lung ventilator is equipped with a TFT 12” colour monitor displaying the curves of pressure, flow, volume, the loops of breathing parameters, the trends and the ventilation parameters.

    Siaretron 4000 lung ventilators is suitable for ventilation of adult, paediatric and neonatal patients. It is equipped with a flow and pressure trigger, it provides the most advanced volume controlled ventilation modalities VC/VAC, VC/VAC-BABY, pressure controlled ventilation modalities APCV (BILEVEL ST), APCV-TV, SIMV by Read More

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    Infra-Red Thermometer

    Infra-red Thermometer

    Multifunction measures: body, surface, liquid, room
    Sound Indicator and vusuel for fever
    Backlit display
    Automatic shutdown
    32 memories

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