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    Performance: 5-part differentiation, 24-parameter

    Patient type: for humans

    Other characteristics: benchtop, with touchscreen, flow cytometry

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    Mindray Hematology Analyzer BC 2800aa

    Product Features

    BC-2800 is a compact, fully automatic hematology analyzer with 19 parameters for CBC test and micro sampling technology. The user-friendly interface facilitates an easy and efficient workflow.

    . Three-part differentiation of WBC, 19 parameters +3 histograms
    . Two counting modes: whole blood and prediluted
    . Throughput: 30 samples per hour
    . Sample volume: 13 ul (whole blood)
    . Storage for up to 20,000 sample results (including histograms)
    . Large Color LCD Display

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    AJ- 5180 5 Part Differential Auto Hematology Analyzer



    Tri-angle laser scatter + flow cytometry + impedance method for WBC. The 5 part differentiation of the white blood cell can be precisely done by collecting the optical signal when WBC pass through the laser beam.

    *The front small-angle optical signal can reflect the information of the cell size.

    *The front large-angle optical signal can reflect the information of nucleus’ structure and complexity.

    *The side angle optical signal can reflect the information of granularity complexity.

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    * 23 parameters. Throughput:>60T/H

    10.4’’ TFT LCD

    High accuracy technology for blood processing, only 9.6µL blood sample

    Storing 40 thousand samples. Operated by mouse & keyboard

    * Advanced Design Excellent Performance

    9.6µL venous blood sample, 9.6µL anticoagulant capillary blood, 20µL prediluted capillary blood. One time blood sampling could make two tests under prediluted mode.

    Intelligent float discriminator. Manual adjust supported

    Dual swirling flow and intelligent fitting technology to ensure reliable PLT counting

    Module design, separate hydraulic part & Read More

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    AJ-3125 Auto Hematology Analyzer


    1. Real smart & portable instrument (It’s only 12Kg). The minimum volume automated hematology analyzer in the world.

    2. Exclusive patent technology, optional internal emergency DC power supply specially for suddenly power cut, outdoor and moving diagnosis.


    1. Advanced Design Stable Performance

    Automatic sleep and wake up, saving energy. The sampling needle be automatically back and out while stand by and wake up. It protects safe sampling and avoids contamination caused by long Read More

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    Hemodialysis machine D30

    Product Features

    12.1 inch wide color touch LCD screen, all monitoring parameters gathered on same interface, more easily to check and adjust.

    Control system of key electronic circuit and components adopts dual security control. If one failed to function, another one still fullfil the goal.

    Overhead 360 degree visual alarm light, easy to be found and seen with distance to shorten the time of solving problem.

    Supply-return fluid and concentrate A.B base with cover, avoid Read More

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    CME Open Infusion Pump

    Product Description

    Dedicated pole-mounted Oncology and Outpatient Site pump provides cost effective therapy
    Easy to program continuous infusion with cost-effective sets
    Flow rates up to 1200 ml/hour allow a wider range of oncology protocols to be delivered
    Supports both continuous and piggyback infusions
    Pump continuously cycles through key therapy information automatically
    Pole mount charger provides large display that can be easily seen from a distance
    Pump automatically switches to battery backup if power is lost or if patient ambulates

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    JH20-1A Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer

    Product Features

    JH20-1A transcutaneous jaudice detector is small in volume and easy to be handled.If the detector is put on the neonatal forehead, the transcutaneous concentration of bilirubin correlative with serum bilirubin concentration is determined instantly and accurately.It is especially suitable for screening and dynamic observation in the newborns

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