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    S9030 Duo-level Non-Invasive Portable Ventilator For Covid-19


    l TFT LCD screen displays the Ventilation parameters and alarming information.

    l Integration breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep tidy.

    l Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to wide range patient.

    l Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects;

    l Optimized design and fine manufacture, cooperating sound absorption composite, unique super mute design.

    l Unique shuttle knob design, easy to operate and Read More

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    The Fisher and Paykel AIRVO2 Humidifier System

    Humidifier with integrated flow generator

    The Fisher and Paykel AIRVO 2 device features a humidifier with integrated flow source that delivers high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients, through a variety of interfaces up to 60 L/min. The myAIRVO 2 with its wide range of accessories is an integrated system providing versatility, mobility and convenience.

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    Fisher and Paykel Bubble CPAP System.

    Product Features

    The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Bubble CPAP generator is designed to provide consistent pressure through an auto-leveling feature. This design moves excess liquid into a separate chamber from the main pressure-generating section, automatically ensuring that the set pressure does not change with liquid build-up.

    The bubble generator includes an overflow container that can be detached to remove excess water from the system, without disrupting delivery therapy.

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