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    S9030 Duo-level Non-Invasive Portable Ventilator For Covid-19


    l TFT LCD screen displays the Ventilation parameters and alarming information.

    l Integration breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep tidy.

    l Multiple working modes such as volume control and pressure limit, adapt to wide range patient.

    l Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in all aspects;

    l Optimized design and fine manufacture, cooperating sound absorption composite, unique super mute design.

    l Unique shuttle knob design, easy to operate and Read More

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    Meling 2℃~8℃/-10℃~-26℃ Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-EL300

    2℃~8℃/-10℃~-26℃ Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-EL300
    •High-efficiency refrigerating system

    •High-precision computerized temperature control system

    •Comprehensive security system

    •Separate control of upper refrigeration and lower freezer

    •Direct cooling and electronic temperature control

    Combination refrigerator freezer with upper 2°C ~ -8°C and lower-10~-26℃
    Separate control of upper refrigeration chamber and lower freezing chamber with separate compressors
    Direct cooling and electronic temperature control for fast refrigeration and constant temperature
    Equipped with sheet metal refrigerated drawers and acrylic plates
    Digital temperature display to control temperature precisely and monitor Read More

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    Meling 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L

    4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L

    •High-precision temperature control

    •Fast refrigeration and constant temperature

    •Human-oriented design and easy to handle

    •Safeguarding security of blood products

    •Adjustable 5 units trays made of steel wire

    Freon-free refrigerant and brand compressor can ensure fast refrigeration and environmentally friendly
    The digital average temperature display allows temperature display precisely reaching 0.1℃
    Forced air circulation system, the high-effective air-cooled condenser and the fin-type evaporator
    Upright type, exterior material made from structural steel plate, interior material made from 304 grade stainless Read More

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    Meling 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-88L

    4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-88L

    Scope of Application
    The blood refrigerator suitable for storage of whole blood, blood platelets, red blood cells, biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc.; Suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, research institutions, disease prevention & control centers, etc.

    •Precise temperature control

    •High-efficiency refrigeration

    •Safeguarding security of blood

    •Human-oriented design

    •Anti-condensation heating door


    Freon-free refrigerant and brand compressor can ensure fast refrigeration and environmentally friendly
    The door has anti-condensation heating function, which is convenient for operation in an environment Read More

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    Meling 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-368L

    Meling 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-368L is a reliable blood storage refrigerator for safeguarding security of whole blood, blood plasmas, blood compartments and blood samples. The intelligent constant temperature control ensures the temperature control precision of ±1℃ inside the cabinet, which can perfectly promise the temperature uniformity. The blood storage refrigerator equipped with auto-defrost glass door ensures safe medical or lab material storage. What makes this blood refrigerator outstanding is that it meets or Read More

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    Avelle™ NPWT Pump

    The Avelle™ NPWT Pump is a disposable single-patient use NPWT pump with up to a 30-day lifespan. Delivers continuous negative pressure of 80mmHg (+/-20mmHg) to the wound bed. Single button operation.


    • Delivers continuous negative pressure of 80mmHg (+/-20mmHg) to the wound bed
    • Maintains vacuum upon disconnection from the pump for up to one hour
    • Soft port designed to minimize the risk of pressure damage
    • Pump operational for up to 30 days


    The Avelle™ NPWT System Read More

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    iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager & Electrodes Pain Relief Bundle-100% Satisfaction

    TENS? Stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”- a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used by physical therapists and prescribed Doctors for over 30 years. The iReliev Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System produces low-voltage pulses that when electrode pads are applied to your skin stimulates nerve fibers to help block the pain signal to your brain. Also may increase natural endorphins, “the bodies feel good chemical”-a natural pain reliever.Feature & Program Read More

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    AJ-2103 Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator (2 Vaporizers, 2 Gas)

    Product Feature

    AJ-2103 Anesthesia Machine, with its ergonomic design, integrates a concise and smooth structure and high mobility. The microcomputer-controlled Ventilator adopts exported sensors and other components. Its scientific and proper design as well as rigorous production process is what demonstrates the inner quality of Anjue products: mechanical ventilation is made secure and visible by the folded respiratory bellows, and the security of air supply is guaranteed by pneumatic transmission and measurement system. With multiple Read More

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    M70B Compact Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


    Dual color OLED screen displays Sp02,PR,waveform and puise bar
    USB transmission and monitoring data review system for data analysis
    90 hours monitoring data storage (time interval :10s)
    short press power button Can easily change direction of display
    Accurate measurement of Sp02&pulse rate with anti-motion technology
    Résistance to surrounding light and interference of man-made light
    Measurement at low perfusion

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    M800 Handheld SPO2 Monitor

    M800 Hand-held Monitor

    ■2.4” OLED display, high resolution: 320×240 pixels.
    •Gravity sensor automatically change the direction of display.
    •Visual and sound alarms.
    •IPX1 water resistance.
    •Convenient AA size alkaline or rechargeable lithium batteries.
    •3AA batteries provide 16 hours of continuous operation.
    •Max 60000 groups short trend data can be stored and reviewed.
    •Infrared Communication with computer.

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    Double Bottle Sunction Machine Medical and Surgery

    Product Specification

    Operation Mode Automatic, Semi-Automatic
    Application Medical , Surgery, Dental
    Features Portable, High Vacuum
    Number of Wheels 4
    Warranty 1YEAR STANDERD
    Condition New

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    Sonoscape HD-500 Video Endoscopy System

    HD-500 Video Processor Specifications:


    • VIST multispectral imaging mode – an expert mode that uses certain wavelengths of incident and reflected light, allows for the detection of cancerous tumors with a high level of confidence, at an early stage

    • Programming of 4 buttons on the endoscope handle

    • Digital image magnification – 3 levels, up to 4 times

    • Full screen image mode

    • CHb mode – color mapping of hemoglobin concentration

    • Modes of structural image detail – Read More

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    Cardiostart Bi-phasic External Defibrillator Monitor With ECG and Printer

    Product Description

    Perfect match for trolleys and MICU’S

    Shock resistant and anti-flame

    Display Resolution High Resolution Color LCD

    Weight 9.48 lbs /4.3 Kg



    SpO2/EtcO2/IBP/CO Upgradeable

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    BLT P500 Automatic Syringe Driver

    Technical Specifications

    Screw transmission pumping mechanism
    Syringe delivery rate is variable
    2% injection accuracy


    1 Single Use 30mL Syringe

    Power Cord

    Internal Rechargeable Battery

    Syringe Delivery Rate

    0.1 ~ 99.9mL/h (0.1mL/h steps)
    100 ~ 1300mL/h (1mL/h steps)
    0.1 ~ 400mL/h for 10mL syringes
    0.1 ~ 600mL/h for 20mL syringes
    0.1 ~ 800mL/h for 30mL syringes
    0.1 ~ 1300mL/h for 50mL syringes

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    P600 Infusion Pump

    Product Features

    Double infusion mode option and display( drip rate and volumetric).

    Real-time self check during startup and infusion process.

    Bolus and quick drainage function cut infusion and drainage time.

    Anti-bolus function with three gradings(H,M,L).

    Ulltrasonic air-in-line detection

    9 kinds Audio-visual alarm insure further safety

    Audio prompt function for unconventional infusion speed guarantee error free operation.

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    Mindray BeneView T1 MPM module/transport monitor

    Product Features

    · It’s standalone modular monitoring with 19″ touchscreen.
    · It’s very compact transport monitoring.It’s wireless mobile monitoring.
    · It’s plug and play MPM module.·It’s companion monitoring with your bedside monitor.
    · The TDS solution combines magic things to reinvent your adaptive care.
    · It’s all you need for patient monitoring to adapt the changes day to day.

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