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    Mespa Velo Advance Functional Emergency Stretcher

    Functional Emergency Stretcher

    Full length X-ray translucent mattress platform
    Possibility of X-ray examination on the stretcher by C-Arm machine on stretcher surface
    Telescopic hydraulic columns
    Hydraulic height adjustment.
    Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functions
    Gas spring assisted backrest adjustment
    Castor control pedals placed on each castor for easy access
    Telescopic IV pole
    5th castor provides easy maneuverability during use of rough surfaces and narrow corridors
    Anti-microbial, water proof, flame retardant, air-permeable mattress
    Collapsible, full length side rails with safety lock mechanism
    Tendelenburg /Reverse trendelenburg positions
    Easily cleanable, Read More

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    AJ-1109 Microplate Reader / Elisa Reader ( with Built-in Laptop Computer)

    Product Feature

    ● Windows operation interface, figure button, mouse operation

    ● 96-well plate, multiple tests in the single plate.

    ● Arrangement of Test item in micro-plate can be store and re-use

    ● Parameter can be modified and stored

    ● Plate shaking, speed and time adjustable

    ● Open system, test item and parameters can be added or modified.

    ● Large storage for 1000 test item and 1,000,000 results

    ● 10.4 inch color LCD

    ● Printing comprehensive report, include hospital and Read More

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    Meliseptol® Rapid

    Meliseptol® rapid
    Fast-acting alcoholic surface disinfection.


    Ready-to-use fast-acting alcoholic surface disinfectant
    Based on n-propanol and quaternary ammonium compound
    Active against bacteria, mycobacteria (M. terrae),yeasts and viruses (HBV / HIV / HCV), Adeno-,Noro-, Polio-, Rota- and Vaccinia virus

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    JuzoFlex Genu 300

    The durable support with seam

    The JuzoFlex Genu 300 knee support is ideal for sprains and contusions of the knee joint. It is made from a very strong and durable seamed compression class 2 knitted fabric. It is also available as a custom-made solution with breathable cotton (JuzoFlex Genu 300 Cotton) on request.

    The movement-friendly middle section of this knee support has an especially soothing effect and serves as a comfort zone that ensures an optimal Read More

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    JuzoPro Malleo Light

    JuzoPro Malleo Light is as versatile as the people who use it in their active daily lives. Being the first predominantly textile ankle orthosis with a shell construction, it is exceptionally slim and very lightweight. The advantage of this is that it can fit into any kind of shoe and can be used in both everyday life and during sport.
    Additional fastening straps and a heel band ensure an optimal fit and stability. Thanks to Read More

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    Aircast Boot For Distal Fibula Fracture

    Distal fibula fractureStable fore foot, metatarsus and or ankle fracturesExostosis treatment for hallux valgusSoft tissue injuries of the foot

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