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    Elastic Resistance Band 5 Pieces a Set

    Resistance Band 5 Pieces a Set

    Product Description

    The tension ring has good resilience, and it can work well with the movements in gym or yoga training to achieve better plasticity.
    Can increase the fun of exercise and change the single exercise style.
    It can be washed and wiped with a dry and damp cloth.

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    Gym Resistance Band

    Gym Resistance Band

    Long, wide and open resistance band can exercise your abs, arms, legs and back ,tighten your abdominal
    Keep your tights and buttocks slim ,develop your shoulders and back
    Great for Yoga and Pilates exercises ,especially beneficial for “safe stretching”
    Can improve range of motion and flexibility
    Can wash with water or wipe with wet cloth

    Product Description
    Material: Rubber
    Color:Different colors
    Size: Length: Approx. 1.5m,Width: Approx. 15cm
    Quantity:1 Pc
    Package includes:
    1 X Yoga Stretch Band

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