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    Metal parts coated with zinc phosphate and varnished with electrostatic epoxy polyester powder
    Easily cleanable, three-piece compact laminate lying surface.
    X-Ray permeable lying surface
    Headboard and footboard made of mono-block PP materials
    Side rails made of mono-block PP materials
    IV pole inserts and protective bumpers on the two corners of headboard
    IV pole and drainage hook
    DC motors protected from over current and that need no lubrication
    High strength hinges made of composite Read More

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    Meling 2℃~8℃/-10℃~-26℃ Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-EL300

    2℃~8℃/-10℃~-26℃ Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-EL300
    •High-efficiency refrigerating system

    •High-precision computerized temperature control system

    •Comprehensive security system

    •Separate control of upper refrigeration and lower freezer

    •Direct cooling and electronic temperature control

    Combination refrigerator freezer with upper 2°C ~ -8°C and lower-10~-26℃
    Separate control of upper refrigeration chamber and lower freezing chamber with separate compressors
    Direct cooling and electronic temperature control for fast refrigeration and constant temperature
    Equipped with sheet metal refrigerated drawers and acrylic plates
    Digital temperature display to control temperature precisely and monitor Read More

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    Meling 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-88L

    4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-88L

    Scope of Application
    The blood refrigerator suitable for storage of whole blood, blood platelets, red blood cells, biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc.; Suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, research institutions, disease prevention & control centers, etc.

    •Precise temperature control

    •High-efficiency refrigeration

    •Safeguarding security of blood

    •Human-oriented design

    •Anti-condensation heating door


    Freon-free refrigerant and brand compressor can ensure fast refrigeration and environmentally friendly
    The door has anti-condensation heating function, which is convenient for operation in an environment Read More

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    Juzo ScarPad Light

    Juzo ScarPad silicone patches are self-adhesive, they can be cut to size and may be applied directly on the skin. The special Juzo ScarPad silicone patches can be used for various types of active scars in combination with compression products. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles and offer effective and individualised treatment.
    Juzo ScarPad Light small and Juzo ScarPad Light
    Prevention and treatment of flat scars
    Particularly suitable for the hand, finger and Read More

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    Ortholife AFO Leaf Spring


    Drop foot secondary to stroke or peroneal nerve palsy
    Mild drop foot secondary to other neurological conditions

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    Invacare Aluminium Foldable Adult Transport Rollator Mobility Walker With Seat

    Loop-style brakes you push down to lock and pull up to release. Padded backrest and padded seat offer the ability to rest. Height-adjustable arms to ensure a proper fit. Folding capabilities for condensed storage. 250-lb. weight capacity. 6″ (15 cm) wheels; 17.5″ (44 cm) between handles; 20.5″ (52 cm) seat height; height min./max. is 31″ -35″ (79-89 cm). Weighs just 14 Rollators

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